Where does the session take place?

I will go to a location of your choice. Ideally, I want everyone to have fun, so comfort and minimal distractions are key to a great session. We can hang out at your home, play in the surf and sand at the beach, or just chill at the park.

How long is a typical session?

1-2 hours is the typical time frame for most of the sessions. A warm up period is often necessary for your pet. Once they are acclimated and relaxed, a great shot is just around the corner.

What's your style?

First and foremost, I want to tell a story of you and your pet. Photographing them in natural light with a free-form style allows your pet to be seen in a realistic and familiar light. Interesting backgrounds and textures are used to complement your pet’s actions, facial expressions and more. I usually take a few posed shots, but letting your pet be naturally curious of their surroundings creates the most interesting images.

What if my pet is shy or hyperactive?

I've experienced all types of personalities and I still manage to shoot wonderful images to the surprise and delight of my clients. Patience (and a few tasty treats!) is the key to a successful pet photograph. If you wait long enough, a great moment will present itself. Every pet has the ability to shine.

Do you take formal studio portraits?

Unfortunately, I prefer to not pose pets in an unnatural environment. Through experience, I can recognize if a pet is uncomfortable or stressed and I have found that they are happiest in a familiar environment.